L’art of Bon Vivre

Bōe & Bea’s essence lies in the fine balance between artful technique & classic execution – a romance between objects d’art meet contemporary life. Collection by collection unfolds an ode to a lifestyle centered around a delicate sense of overindulgence, a comprehensive life philosophy modeled after our own muse: l’art of bon vivre.

From women & children accessories, to unique home decor and a fascinating array of antiques & rare finds, Bōe & Bea is a space for the wondrous to find new inspiration, to discover a journey of whimsical and avant-garde classicism. Our collections are curated, designed and crafted with its intended in mind; pouring sophisticated craftsmanship into each of our exclusive collections.

bon- vivant /bɒ̃ viːˈvɒ̃/ | late 17th century | french | lit. translation
“one who lives well” | a well rounded life-philosophy.

savoir-faire /ˌsavwär ˈfer/ | early 19th century | french | lit. translation “know how to do” | refers to the fine artistry of a métier. an experienced, sophisticated craftsmanship.

louis xiv portrait | french monarch | symbol of refined, exquisite living – evident from his palace in versailles | channeled the creative forces of french elite culture into academies and luxury goods, eventually giving birth to french classicism.